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An image can tell a thousand words

A picture can tell a thousand words and if your facial expression looks forced, your image blurry, a low quality shot and a first time viewer to your brand could make some quick assumptions as to how you would take pictures of their home or even represent their lifetime of savings.  In the online world where everything is out there and on display awareness of your image and personal brand is key.  This may seem intrusive or viewed as existential but as a salesperson, you are a communicator.  The new languages now blend more than just speech.  They include texting, social media direct messaging, responding to online posts and items and how smoothly you do this.  Again as a sales professional people expect this of you.   

People react to images in micro seconds

As a sales professional it is expected you can communicate digitally

Your image matters

Personal branding

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What image are you putting out there?

The discussion of your online image is not of a superficial judgment, but one of people looking you up to make informed decisions on picking an agent.  There is a science of how our minds process images and the quick conclusions around that.  This stems from the beginning of time and evolutionary psychology.  As humans developed this psychology applied its self to threat and survival and also choosing a partner for procreation.  In the application of this psychology to real estate, a buyer or seller may ask themselves:  Is this agent hardworking?  Do they have a trustworthy face?  Do they look knowledgable and at the top of their game to handle our real estate transaction?
These are all very natural questions and can even apply to an agent choosing a brokerage and why.   
At Top Real Estate People we strive to position you for success and custom-tailor solutions to overcome all your challenges and address your needs. 

People want to make informed decisions

The new world media is about being open and authentic

Does your image say: I am a super agent?

You get pre-qualified by your own image and online footprint

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Why online engagement matters

In 2019, 20 and onwards the average person has had some level of experience in online messaging or communications.  This could be from Facebook to Instagram or even signing up for some event or form request.  The more you engage effectively the more you are considered an effective communicator in the present age.  It is comparable to understanding the body language of an individual while there are speaking.  Can this sales professional reply quickly in several different platforms?  This now starts pulling in not only your salesmanship but your technology IQ.  
At Top Real Estate People our entire team is here to help you with all your needs to get to the next level.  Click the link and we will take you to the next level.

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Profile and engage with your clients

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